OASBO is proud to partner with PACE. The partnerships objective is to aid in the sharing of best practices, pooled-program information, and other resources to help Oregon schools get the most out of their member-owned insurance pool.


2018-19 Webinars

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October 17 | Student and Staff Freedom of Speech Rights
Walkouts, t-shirt slogans, confederate flags, rainbow flags, taking a knee, chants about building walls, and whatever comes next. Come listen to two of our OSBA/PACE attorneys give a 30 minute overview of student and staff free speech rights. They will give you guidance regarding what you should prohibit, what you can prohibit, and what you cannot prohibit.

November 14 | Teacher Non-Renewal Process
Your March 15 deadline for notifying licensed teachers of non-renewal is fast approaching. Listen to two OSBA/PACE legal services attorney give a 30 minute overview of the process. You will also be provided with information about accessing our PACE guidance documents and sample non-renewal form letters.

January 16 | Managing Claims Online
In the fall of 2016, we launched the PACE Member Insurance Portal to provide a convenient one-stop online tool for accessing all manner of insurance and risk management related information. We will review how to access and navigate the Insurance Portal, accessing important documents, analyzing property and auto schedules, uploading photos of your properties, using the powerful claims analysis tool and much more.

February 20 | ADA Disability Accommodations and Service Animals
All schools have an obligation to make reasonable accommodations to disabled students and staff. Listen to two OSBA/PACE legal services attorneys give a 30 minute overview of your obligation to accommodate disabilities, including a discussion about when you are required by law to permit a service animal in your facilities.

March 13 | Student Disciplinary Procedures
Student suspensions and expulsions unfortunately sometime become a necessity. School suspension and expulsion decisions are often appealed and overturned resulting in the District having to pay for the student’s attorney fees. Listen to two of our OSBA/PACE attorneys give a 30 minute overview of the suspension and expulsion process and common pitfalls that get schools in trouble.

April 10 | Playgrounds (specific topic TBD)
There are two components to playground safety in our schools; playground equipment and playground supervision. Playground equipment is all about hazard identification and learning how to identifying general playground hazards. We will discuss the general playground hazards; protrusion or entanglement hazards; head, neck, crush, or shear hazards during this training. Playground supervision is more focused on positioning and continually moving around to keep the high hazard activities in front of you. We will discuss simple rules to assist playground supervisors to be successful.

May 9 | State Fire Marshall
This informational webinar will be on reporting school fires. In this session we will be reviewing a program created by the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal, SDAO and PACE. The basis for this program is for schools to report every fire, every time, any size and anywhere a fire is started on school property. Please join us to learn more about laws related to this topic and how to better protect your schools from fires.

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