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OASBO Code of Ethics & Professional Standards

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The Oregon Association of School Business Officials is a professional organization affiliated with the Association of School Business Officials International. OASBO's mission is to support public education by providing resources, programs, activities and training for business officials.

Code of Ethics

A school business official’s professional behavior must conform to an ethical code. The code must be idealistic and at the same time practical so that it can apply reasonably to all school business officials. The official acknowledges that the schools belong to the public they serve for the purpose of providing educational opportunities to all. However, the official assumes responsibility for providing professional leadership in the school and community. This responsibility requires the official to maintain standards of exemplary professional conduct. It must be recognized that the official’s actions will be viewed and appraised by the community, professional associates and students. To these ends, the official subscribes to the following statements of standards.

The school business official:

  1. Makes the well-being of students the fundamental value in all decision-making and actions.
  2. Fulfills professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity.
  3. Supports the principle of due process and protects the civil and human rights of all individuals.
  4. Obeys local, state and national laws and does not knowingly join or support organizations that advocate, directly or indirectly, the overthrow of the government.
  5. Implements the governing board of education’s policies and administrative rules and regulations.
  6. Pursues appropriate measures to correct those laws, policies, and regulations that are not consistent with sound educational goals.
  7. Avoids using positions for personal gain through political, social, religious, economic, or other influences.
  8. Accepts academic degrees or professional certification from duly accredited institutions only.
  9. Maintains the standards and seeks to improve the effectiveness of the profession through research and continuing professional development.
  10. Honors all contracts until fulfillment or release.

Professional Standards

With the conduct of school business officials subject to greater scrutiny, standards of conduct are in order. The association cannot fully discharge its obligation of leadership and service to its members short of establishing appropriate standards of behavior. In relationships within the school district, community college or education service district it is expected that the school business official will:

  1. Support the goals and objectives of the employing school system.
  2. Interpret the policies and practices of the district to subordinates and to the community fairly and objectively.
  3. Implement, to the best of the official's ability, the policies and administrative regulations of the district.
  4. Assist fellow officials as appropriate in fulfilling their obligations.
  5. Portray a positive image of the organization.
  6. Refrain from publicly criticizing board members, officials, or other employees.
  7. Assist subordinates in achieving their maximum potential.

In the conduct of business and discharge of responsibilities, the school business official will:

  1. Conduct business honestly, openly, and with integrity.
  2. Avoid conflict of interest situations by not conducting business with a company or firm in which the official or any member of the official's family has a vested interest.
  3. Avoid preferential treatment of one outside interest group, company or individual over another.
  4. Uphold the dignity and decorum of the office in every way.
  5. Avoid using the position for personal gain.
  6. Never accept or offer illegal payment for services rendered.
  7. Never accept gifts, free services, or anything of value for or because of any act performed or withheld.
  8. Refrain from soliciting contributions from subordinates or outside sources for gifts or donations to a superior.

In relationships with colleagues and others, it is expected that the school business official will:

  1. Support the actions of a colleague whenever possible, never publicly criticizing or censuring the official.
  2. Offer assistance and/or guidance when such help is requested.
  3. Actively support appropriate professional associations aimed at improving school business management and encourage colleagues to do likewise.
  4. Accept leadership roles and responsibilities when appropriate.

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