Advocacy for Public Education

The Oregon Association of Business Officials is comprised of professionals who care about education and who operate the “business” side of school management. OASBO's priority focus is on the resources necessary to educate students.

Legislative Vision Statement

  • OASBO promotes a comprehensive and flexible school funding system that is equitable, reliable, stable, and that provides the necessary resources for all Oregon students.
  • OASBO promotes the freedom of locally elected school boards to make decisions that best comport with the values and needs of their students and their community.
  • OASBO promotes safe and healthy buildings and classrooms for students, staff, and community.
  • OASBO promotes the highest professional standards for its members that include continuing education and collaboration for school business officials.
  • OASBO promotes fact-based decision making and commits itself to partnering with other organizations to provide accurate, timely and pertinent information to elected officials and other key decision makers.
  • OASBO promotes the wise, prudent, and effective expenditure of public resources, ensuring that every dollar spent promotes the shared mission of educating Oregon’s students.

Federal Legislative Connection

We partner with ASBO International to keep up-to-date on federal legislative issues.

Follow their Legislative Twitter Feed and connect with their Legislative Affairs Community.

COSA's Legislative Information

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Oregon Legislature

ASBO International's Legislative Resources

Interested in Federal legislative actions? Join the Legislative Affairs Community (ASBO members only).

Committee Leadership

Russ Allen - Co-Chair
Michael Elliott - Co-Chair

Interested in serving on the committee? Contact Angie Peterman for more information.

Oregon Association of School Business Officials
707 13th St SE, Ste 100 | Salem, OR 97301 | p: 503-480-7218 or 503-480-7209